The National Chamber Review staff is a group of people coming together to do something we care about. We care about a lot of things: news, information, design, logistics, organization, media. We strive to be the source ofinformation for chamber of commerce executives nationwide as they deal with the daily demands of organization management, digital technology, events, member benefits, and more. These bios highlight our management team, with the full masthead of credits below.


Patrick is Editor in Chief of The National Chamber Review and is responsible for everything you read and experience (warts and all). He oversees the selection and management of all staff, sets deadlines, and is responsible for all final decision making for each edition. He also (occassionally) writes articles himself. Patrick owes the success of the paper to his dedicated staff, without whom this task could not be completed. Patrick is a graduate of SUNY Oswego where he earned his B.A. in Broadcasting-Mass Communications and a minor in Creative Writing. Somehow none of his writing classes in college were journalism courses, but just look at him now. Email Patrick.

Other Areas of Expertise: Phish, Home Alone quotes, baseball


Carly Morgan is the Copy Editor and Head Writer for the National Chamber Review. Her responsibilities include writing articles that always end up longer than they’re supposed to be, making grammar-related infographics out of Post-It notes, and correcting people’s comma use. (Charming, right?) Carly has an M.A. in Literature from the University of Rochester and has read Slaughterhouse-Five more times than is probably healthy or reasonable. She spends most of her free time with her husband, Ryan, and their one year-old son Kellan who, although not yet verbal, has indicated his affinity for the Oxford comma on more than one occasion. (Good on you, Baby Kellan.) Email Carly.

Party Tricks: Naming every capital city in the Western hemisphere, yelling only wrong answers at the TV during Wheel Of Fortune, probably beating you at Super Smash Brothers

Founded in 2012
PATRICK McCABE, Editor-in-Chief

PAULINE WEGMAN, Creative Director
CARLY MORGAN, Copy Editor, Head Writer
BOB BARTOSIEWICZ, Chief Executive Officer
TIM CORCORAN, Chief Financial Officer
GREG THOEN, Vice President
KEVIN BAER, Production Director
PETE PETERSON, Attorney at Law

SHELBY COOK, Staff Writer
SASHA PINCUS, Staff Writer
COURTNEY SMITH, Graphic Designer

BOB HARRIS, CAE, Contributing Writer
CAROL WEINRICH HELSEL, Contributing Writer
FRANK J. KENNY, Contributing Writer
MELYNN SIGHT, Contributing Writer
MARCY WEAVER, Contributing Writer

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